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Dr. Michael Master is triple board certified and specializes in non-invasive
Chiropractic Neurology,
Functional Neurology, Developmental Neurology
and Integrative Functional Medicine.
To Schedule An Appointment with Dr. Master Call 856.256.8840
Functional health care without prescription drugs or surgery.                     
Dr. Michael Master is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist specializing in chiropractic neurology, functional neurology and pediatric developmental neurology.  His clinical perspective includes holistic non-invasive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of child neuro-developmental disorders and adult health conditions.  Dr. Master provides effective treatment strategies based on contemporary principles of applied neuroscience, functional medicine and the unique individuality of each patient.  As such, each application or procedure performed by Dr. Master is designed to optimize nervous system function and health without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.
Dr. Michael Master's office is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality of healthcare to each and every patient he encounters.  Moreover, Dr. Master and staff are dedicated to preserving the dignity and well-being of each individual, as well as treating each patient with courtesy, kindness and respect.
Chiropractic Neurologists are Functional Neurologists. 
Dr. Michael Master is fully trained and certified to evaluate the functional state of each patient's neurological system from infancy to adult, as well as to appropriately determine specific and individualized neurological applications through non-invasive sensory and motor-based procedures.  As such, the procedures are uniquely designed to promote and construct functional plasticity within the brain and nervous system.  His background in functional medicine includes integrative applications such as functional blood chemistry interpretation and bio-nutritional science.
Balanced function of the neurological system is essential for optimal health.
Quite simply, the nervous system, which includes the brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and nerves is the "master system" as coined by the text Gray's Anatomy.  In fact, it is the nervous system thatcontrols and coordinates all other systems, organs, tissues, and cells within our bodies.  That is to say that the nervous system controls and regulates our breathing, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, digestion and elimination, hormones, memories, ability to focus and predict, speak, as well as the ability to sense, move and remain balanced within our surrounding environment.

Conditions which have responded to Dr. Master's care as it relates to neurological dysfunction in INFANTS, CHILDREN, and ADOLESCENTS:

-   Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion Management

-   Attention, Learning and Behavioral Disorders

-    Tourette's & Motor Tics

-   Migraine & Sick Headaches

-   Athletic / Sports Enhancement

-   Communicative Disorders

-   Neurological Developmental Delay

-   Child Coordination Disorders

-   Child Postural Disorders including Scoliosis

-   Sensory Processing Disorders

-   Eye Movement Disorders

-   Neurological Disorders such as Cerebral Palsy / Seizures / Enuresis

-   POTS

-   Gastrointestinal Support / Gluten Sensitivity

-   Allergy Support

-   Neurotransmitter Support

Conditions which have responded to Dr. Master's care as it relates to nervous system dysfunction in ADULTS:

-   Head & Face Pain
-   Migraine Headaches        
-   Improved Mental Focus
-   Sleep Disorders
-   Vertigo & Dizziness
-   Balance & Equilibrium Disorders
-   Movement Disorders
-   Pain Syndromes
-   Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion
-   Neurological Disorders including Stroke / Seizures
-   Thyroid Disorders / Hashimoto's Autoimmune Support
-   Autoimmunity Support
-   Anemia Support
-   Endocrine Support
-   Blood Sugar Support

Providing A Balanced Approach Toward Optimal Health